Li Lau, AKA “One Crazy China”, performs what he likes to call ‘bizarre entertainment’ that features a uniquely daring blend of escapology (the art of escape) and carnival sideshow stunts with an added touch of magic and mentalism for good measure.

In 2012, Li got his first opportunity to perform publicly as an escape artist at an Animal Welfare Society club meeting and has never looked back.

An avid and long-time comic book fan, his interest in escapes and magic began early on in his youth and years later was piqued anew while living abroad in London after visiting the famous Davenports Magic Shop and inspired further still by renowned UK escape artists such as Jonathan Goodwin and David Straitjacket.

Over time, his interests grew even more upon discovering the fascinating world of the sideshow arts and delving into mentalism.

Li is a regular featured performer at the Cape Town Magic Club‘s Monday Night Magic and has appeared on both television and radio to wow audiences with his extraordinary skills.

In 2018, Li made his National Arts Festival debut appearance with “Carnival Sideshow (and other magical things)”, which featured both himself and fellow magician and mentalist Brendon Peel, and also attended the Cape Town Buskers Festival held at the V&A Waterfront where he performed his “The Magic of Sideshow” act twice daily.

Li’s daring escapes have also brought him into the international limelight with such achievements as being featured on Series 14 (2020) of Britain’s Got Talent as well as setting a first-ever World Record for “The Fastest Handcuffs Escape while holding a Flaming Torch in the Mouth“.

Li is amongst the very few escape and sideshow artists in South Africa and continually strives to live up to being “One Crazy China!”

Proud member of the Cape Town Magic Club and South African Magical Society.

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I have been privileged to use his spectacular talents for a number of high profile events and I am always thrilled with the response from the clients and audience.

His act is phenomenal, his interaction with the crowd is great, and he provides a truly unique and ‘gasp-worthy’ style of entertainment.

Niqui Cloete-Barrass, BOOST Creative Solutions

A captivating entertainer

... whose unique combination of skills involving danger, escape and mental trickery are rarely seen on the African continent, and he's certain to keep audiences riveted to their seats.

His calmness and cool control on the stage stands in contrast to the reactions of shock, laughter and applause expressed by those who witness his remarkable demonstrations.

Marcel Oudejans, Magic Africa Productions

Passionate & dedicated to his craft

He is truly crazy and performs things that many dare to even try.

Brendon Peel, Mentalist & Magician

On the edge of your seat stuff!!!

I have seen Li up close eat glass, knock a nail into his nose and break a world record holding a flaming torch in his mouth.

Not only is he the real deal but make sure you take a change of underwear as the stunts go from bizarre to terrifying.

Ethan Black, Kingfisher FM

Death defying

Li Lau's mix of the fascinating, daring and bizarre brings them up close to the enchantment, danger and fascination.

Roland Gaspar, Algoa FM




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